1. Stainless Steel Bottle OpenerThis stainless steel bottle opener features hard texture and high durability. Its overall appearance is designed to be concise and stylish. It is convenient to carry our product. With various colors, the product can be applied in bars, restaurants, beer clubs, and other places. Its quality is well guaranteed.
    1. Stainless Steel Hip FlaskOur stainless steel hip flask is remarkably characterized by high quality, environmental protection, no toxicity, and no easy deformation. Its seal gasket has passed the secondary leak detection, thus guaranteeing no wine leakage.
    1. Stainless Steel Wine PourerThis stainless steel wine pourer is provided with concise design and wide application range. Due to wonderful sealing performance, it can permanently retain the flavor of wine, and it is smoother to pour the wine. Moreover, our product can be conveniently carried. It can act as a pretty decent gift for friends or homes.
    1. Wine StopperOur wine stopper makes use of superior-quality zinc alloy, thus featuring hard texture. Its surface has been polished, which is smooth like a mirror. This product is desirable for being stuffed into the bottleneck, so as to prevent alcohol volatilization and leakage. Due to distinguished sealing performance, it can permanently retain the flavor of wine.

Stainless Steel Wine Accessories

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