1. Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper MillOur stainless steel salt and pepper mill can grind the whole pepper into powder for current or future use. This cruet can accommodate seasoning powder, which can be directly sprinkled for use if required. It is nice, convenient and durable.
    1. Stainless Steel Mixing BowlThis stainless steel mixing bowl serves to blend vegetables and fruit. The salad bowl has multiple functions. It can be used to mix or accommodate fruit or refreshments. The colander features diversified shapes, beautiful appearance and convenient use. It is suitable for containing fruit.
    1. Stainless Steel Canister Its smooth and transparent glass surface does not stick to any special smell. The unique texture of brushed stainless steel can fully manifest the orderly beauty. Moreover, this product is hard to be scratched, thus being more durable than other similar products.
    1. Stainless Steel TrayThe product possesses high firmness, thermal resistance and corrosion resistance. Combined with exquisite polishing process, it gives practical use and nice appearance. Furthermore, it is sanitary, non-toxic, durable, and convenient to be used.
    1. Stainless Steel Bread BinThis stainless steel bread bin is made completely from stainless steel. It is quite durable, clean and convenient. Moreover, the product is multifunctional and rather cost-effective. It can not only well protect food, but also store cups or bowls.
    1. Stainless Steel Oil CanThis product can not only give the high-class visual or touch experience. In practical use, the product also features ultra strong wear resistance. Additionally, it will not be broken, even if it has fallen off several times.
    1. Stainless Steel Butter BoxThis stainless steel butter box serves to store the butter the size of which fits the container. The crisper can be taken out if required. Then, a knife is utilized to cut off the required amount of butter. Additionally, this product can accommodate other snacks. It is elegant and practical, which acts as an essential tool in kitchens or on dining tables.
    1. Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon and Measuring JugOur stainless steel measuring jug comes in different sizes. It can be a small cup, or a jug with its volume of a few liters. Sometimes this product needs to measure hot or colored liquids. Therefore, it should be resistant to high temperature, and hard to be broken or colorized.
    1. Stainless Steel Kitchen AccessoriesIn particular, the first edge is allowed to be put on the steak knife, table knife, dessert knife or other western-style knives, after going through the carbon-containing forging and quenching process. Then, the knife possesses higher hardness and sharpness, thus enabling our customers to easily cut beef off.

Stainless Steel Kitchenware

Our stainless steel kitchenware has more than an exceptional appearance. Additionally, it gives strong resistance to any attack. Although yellow spots or loss of gloss may happen after a long period of use, these stainless steel utensils can be washed with the cleaning agent only.

Furthermore, the stainless steel possesses such advantages as high durability, smoke resistance, slip prevention, easy cleaning, and beautiful appearance. A layer of passive film can be formed on the surface of our product, thus enabling our product to provide favorable corrosion resistance. In the natural world, this stainless steel kitchenware exists in the form of more stable oxide.

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance Tips
1. Before Use
Our stainless steel kitchenware can be washed with warm water or boiling water. The warm water can be mixed with vinegar or detergent to clean water stains. In this way, this product can be provided with high luster and long lifespan.

2. After Use
The stainless steel utensil ought to be flushed with warm water at once. Furthermore, the water on surface must be wiped dry, so as to prevent the product from reacting with sauce, oil stains, and some others. It is advisable to adopt soft cloth, clean water, or disinfectant for wiping. Such hard objects as iron brush and stainless steel scourer are not allowed for scrubbing.

3. Brightness Restoration
After a period of use, a layer of foggy film can be formed on the surface of stainless steel kitchenware. It can be wiped with a soft cloth that is stained with detergent or scouring powder. This method can be also utilized, when the surface is blackened by smoke. Long-time immersion cleaning is prohibited, or else the surface will lose its luster.

4. Stain Removal
The specialized stainless steel wax can be used to clean the stains.

5. Collision Avoidance
Please try to prevent our product from colliding with hard objects. The selected cleaning tools are supposed to be soft and gentle.

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